Monday, July 13, 2009

Pocatello Zoo and Twin Falls too!

This past weekend the kids and I headed down to Pocatello and then to Twin to celebrate my nephew,Colin's, birthday. While in Poky we decided to take the kids to the zoo. Although the Pocatello Zoo is much nicer than when I was a kid, it still isn't that great. Saw some bears, buffs, goates, mountain sheep...yea that's about it. Oh well, we had a good time. McKinlee was in one of her usual moods and was slightly grumpy, so that always makes it interesting!

Colin's birthday was fun. Gretchen had planned a monkey themed party in her NEW house (which is very very nice, by the way). The whole party did follow that fact there were moments where it was more like an actual zoo! This was the first time that all 11 grandkids had been together....CRAZY! We did have a good time and McKinlee and Logan loved playing in the water with their cousins. I even jumped in for the fun! Gretchen was very brave to have everyone over and we are glad she did! In a few weeks we have the Mayes family reunion at my moms house and that will be just as caotic but we haven't been able to be together as an entire family for years and it is about time!

McKinlee and my mom after going down the slide
During the tree house slide
Looking at the bears
Logan getting eyed up by the coyotes
Look at his poor nose...must have taken a head dive at daycare....
Aunt JuJu giving MJ a shoulder was hot hot hot and I have to give JuJu props for being willing to do that!
This is during one of MJ's mood swings...I am not quite sure what happened to cause her to be a grump, but she was!
Logan nad grandma...there are supposed to be turkeys in the background
MJ with the turkeys (before the mood swing)
MJ and the big horn sheeps

Posing in front of the bears
Logan eating cake...after colin had had his chance at the cake, Logan of course had to go and get his fair share...i do believe he at the entire monkey cake. He would go grab a handful and walk around eating it and then go back for more.
All the kids getting in on the action

Espen holding Logand and Korban and Hayden
Harrison and the Logan and MJ in the monkey themed swimming pool!
He does believe he is cool...what a show off!
Logan and Quinn just hanging out

Happy to be outside!


Sonia Barney said...

I know you love Jessi but goats are spelled with out an e between the t and s. Just call me Gretchen the "Grammer Nazi".

Ann-Marie said...

I hope you had fun in Hawaii! It was so sweet of you to bring back a necklace for Connor. He couldn't wait to show me. He is so proud of it. Thank you for being such a great primary teacher.

Maynards said...

Hey Heidi,
I have no other way to get ahold of you, but our blog is now private and I want to invite you to it. Can I get your email address? Thanks!